How do I know if my loved one will enjoy Recognii? 

The first Recognii video, Treasure Box, is based on the sort of gentle and non-threatening content our research suggests has universal appeal among dementia sufferers. It's the perfect gift for all those who love to see happy children, appealing animals, the natural world, puppets, nostalgia and humour – all set to the nation’s best-loved songs and music. Each scene has been designed to contrast strongly from the last so that even the shortest attention spans are drawn repeatedly back to the screen.

We know that music and positive experiences from earlier life are stored in our ‘emotional memory’, which can often remain intact for longer.  If your loved one has retained their sense of fun and still enjoys music and the simple pleasures that come from interaction with children, animals and the natural world, they should find a lot to love in Recognii.

My loved one is not aware they have dementia or gets distressed when we talk about it. Is this still an appropriate gift for them? 

We know the subject of dementia can be sensitive for some and that there will be those who prefer to lead their lives without labels. Recognii’s Treasure Box video contains no references to dementia, either in the opening titles or during the film, allowing viewers and carers alike to simply relax and enjoy the show. The packaging does contain a small ‘dementia-friendly’ stamp on the front cover and references to the condition within the text on the reverse. In our experience these are rarely noticed by viewers with mid to later stage dementia but if your loved one still enjoys reading and you have any concerns then you may wish to keep the external packaging out of sight. You can view the cover by using the zoom function on the Buy Now section of our website.

What format is it available in?

You can buy it as a DVD or as a USB stick. The DVD is in PAL format, which is supported in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We will shortly have a version available in NTSC which is supported in the USA, Canada, South America and the Caribbean. 

How has Recognii been adapted visually?

It is estimated that up to 60% of people with dementia will experience problems with visual processing.  We have taken care to make sure all Recognii content is as highly recognisable and easy to see as possible. This means predominant use of red and the primary colours we know are most visible, no busy backgrounds or distracting patterns and use of strong colour and tonal contrast. In keeping with this unique visual approach, sounds don’t overlap, music and vocal arrangements are simple, and dialogue is kept to a minimum.

When is the right time to use the Recognii Video?

There is no right or wrong time but if you notice your loved one is struggling to follow the storylines or dialogue in their usual television programmes, or their attention regularly drifts from the screen, it may be a good time to try it.  

How often can they watch it?

There’s no limit to the number of times Recognii can be enjoyed. The latest scientific research suggests that repeated activity can actually help form new memories for dementia sufferers, so viewers may get more out of Recognii each time they watch it. The video has a function that allows the main feature to be played on a loop.  

What is the best time of day to watch it?

Apathy can be a common problem among people with late stage dementia and energy and engagement levels can fluctuate significantly throughout the day and week by week. Experiment with putting it on at different times of the day, and if on occasion they don’t engage with it as much as usual wait a few days and try again.

Are there any other products in the Recognii range?

We are currently working hard on our second Video and with your help we intend to extend the range even further to include content relevant to specific interests and age profiles. If you would like to help us shape the content of future volumes, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the feedback form by clicking the link called Add your Thoughts under Quick Links below.