As well as the hour long main programme, Treasure Box contains a series of four bonus features adding up to an extra 30 minutes of viewing that have a variety of applications for use by viewers and carers.

 Interactive Singalong

The therapeutic benefits of music to people with dementia are well documented, with singing shown to improve mood, cardiovascular health and even cognitive function. Research has found that musical memory is stored in the part of the brain most resilient to the damaging effects of dementia, which is why songs learnt in adolescence and early adulthood can often be recalled and enjoyed long after other memories have faded. 

Our interactive singalong brings all the songs from the DVD together in a special feature ideal for group singsongs or private karaoke sessions! Easy to read lyrics provide visual prompts while the simple musical arrangements and friendly female vocals encourage viewer participation. The 20 minute session mixes classics like We’ll Meet Again and Que Sera Sera with 60s pop hits and traditional favourites such as Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside.

Soothe Booth (multi-sensory)  

Agitation, restlessness and anxiety can be common symptoms of dementia, especially in the later stages. Research suggests that multisensory stimulation therapy may be helpful in promoting a state of relaxation among sufferers, leading to a reduction in agitated behaviours and the need for pharmacological intervention. This may be particularly helpful for individuals experiencing signs of sundowning or who are unsettled during changes to their routine or environment.

Our multisensory booth contains soothing and evocative sights and sounds taken from the natural world and British heritage. As well as promoting mental well-being the booth can be a useful prompt for reminiscence and conversation. Soundscapes include soft waves on a beach, summer birdsong, crunching autumn leaves, a steam train chugging gently along a track and more. 

Children and Animal Favourites

Our own research confirms that as the condition progresses many people with dementia take increasing joy and comfort from smiling children and adorable animals, and this isn’t that surprising. Research has shown that even watching videos of baby animals can have an instant stress-relieving effect, while smiling has a contagious positive impact on emotional well-being. 

This segment is a specially edited collection of all the children and animals from the Recognii DVD, set to uplifting, toe-tapping music.

Stars of the Silver Screen

Loved ones with memory problems will find it hard to store, then recall recent events, however research shows that memories from childhood, teens and 20s are often much easier to remember.

This is a chance for viewers to 'go to the pictures' and reminisce about stars of yesteryear to see how many famous faces they can remember. This segment is a series of iconic black and white photographs of the most iconic celebrities of the 1940s, 50s and 60s set to a stirring cinematic soundtrack. The feature can be enjoyed independently or used as a fun conversational tool by carers. The still images slowly fade to reveal the names of Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Charlie Chaplin, to name but a few.